“Multidimensional” Twinflame dynamics of possible ‘energetic pairings’

Sooo this is one topic i’ve been to write for about – hmmmm – a while now and i’ve decided to put it out.  Almost one year ago i had – lets call… Continue reading

TF process as only one stage of Ascension

Twinflame process as part of the Ascension process. A stage of it. This is the topic of this article. Twinflame more than a person is an energetic encodement. This encodement is part of… Continue reading

Transcendence of the physicality (Twinflame journey)

Today im bringing a topic that as far as i was able to see, is not addressed on the most sites related with TF (twinflame) journeys. Mainly focused on the physicality or 3D… Continue reading

Renewal – current energetic transits on TF journeys

For about a few days i am to write something in here about what is going on in terms of energetics more related with those of us on the twinflame path. Since about… Continue reading

TF union – The dynamics of 3D vs 5D (about vibrational matching and some notes to DF’s)

Today i am writting more specifically for the DF’s that are in what is perceived as 3D separation. Also putting out what i sense it is this ‘union fever’ that seems to be… Continue reading

I feel it all and what’s this? (Soul connections, Twinflame journey brainstorming with some heart sparkles here and there)

I found myself in this last days, questioning again this twinflame concept and journey. As such: was all this that i had experienced triggered by the connection with the man that bears the… Continue reading

Alchemical Love  (the TF Union)

Today im bringing up the concept of Union as i feel it is actually what in the 1st instance the TF union is. From earlier on this journey the body to body union… Continue reading

“My twinflame doesn’t seem the same person anymore, what happened?” (dealing with the “shadow phase” of tf dynamic) 

What happened? You ask. How can i help my twin heal? Did i did something wrong? Does my love for him/her is not enough? How can i bring my counterpart back into alignment?… Continue reading

Kundalini dynamics (& the difference of/on TF energy ‘mergings’)

Kundalini the so far spoken kundalini and yet unknown for some. Kundalini is sexual energy, primal force energy. It exists in all of us but for some it can remain dormant all life.… Continue reading

The ‘completion’ phase (Twinflame journey)

Today i am sharing what i perceive as a completion of a previous TF stage in the ascension process and the dawn of another. Recently, there was a shift in the collective energy.… Continue reading