Why Soul Partners/Twinflames would know about each other if not to come together and work in union?

We understand your frustration in asking this question my dear, we do as we feel you in synchronistic dance within our own field. Soul Partners ‘know about each other’ for evolving purposes and… Continue reading

What is the purpose of ‘Twinflames’/Soul Partners being the two in embodiment on Earth on the same timeframe?

This is an intuitive channeling/transmission from a Group Collective (Energy Frequency) that may be sensed/felt/translated to a phonetically word perceived as Sha-ra-Nah. 💖💫 Transmission flow as it follows: Well, the purpose as you… Continue reading

Twinflame connections

So, i thought to share here a little about this topic under my own experience and perceptions as, first as for my own record of my journey and second by sharing it publicy… Continue reading

Your Twinflame is You (My ‘now truth’ on TF journey) 

After some – a bunch – of spiritual/ metaphysical experiences along this journey in what concernes to the so much spoken twinflame matter, i’ve come to a point (completion) of totally shifted from… Continue reading

You are worthy of the love you dreamt of (For Twinflames)

For some time i was thinking what to put up in here. And the will and motivation to speak about this topic again is still fluttering. Soooo random topics as they will come… Continue reading

Is there only one twinflame? Or multiple?

There is only one twinflame by origin and definition as energetic match (soul imprint) but for some of us it can exist more than one perceived twinflame (TF) along the process.  This TF… Continue reading

Twinflame journey: Know how it may feel a soul catalyst experience

How was i thrown into this twinflame journey? Today i will share here a – lets call it – review of parts of my early stages in the TF (twinflame) journey. Hoping it… Continue reading

Twinflame energy reports: June – The (felt) Soul Separation core 

Hello to all, I’ve decided to get back again in this sharing of what i sense on/of the TF (twinflame) energy dynamics. Why i stoped? First, because many of us on this TF… Continue reading

Sacred partnerships – the path of One.ness on TF journey

Twinflame journey as the ascension journey of those with the TF (twinflame) encoding/model/template. Noting that within each there are variations of, as nothing ever is all-fit-one. I must say that for me –… Continue reading

DM retrieval (masculine counterpart) – TF energetics – (a fictional story) 

I decided to write this topic as fiction. So i will leave to you the decision of finding this as true for you or not.  I had – lets call it – a… Continue reading